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History of karaoke - 0 Comments
History of karaoke
Karaoke originated in Japan Kobe in the 1970s when a Japanese musician, Daisuke Inoue, created the first karaoke machine. The word karaoke is made from two Japanese terms, kara, which means empty, and oke, which is a short form of the word okesutora which means orchestra.Karaoke, therefore, implies an empty orchestra that explains the karaoke machine's importance. This machine provides one with tunes and the instrumental bit of music as one sings along the lyrics of the song in play. Since its inception, karaoke has spread to other parts of the world and has since developed into an industry of its own, growing into an industry worth about one billion dollars. Read along to understand the origins of its musicians and machines.
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Benefits of singing karaoke

Singing Karaoke has a ton of remarkable health and social benefits. There has even been a Japanese study that proved that singing Karaoke can boost your self-esteem, relieve stress, and also increase confidence. Not only that, Karaoke also strengthens bonds between friends and families who enjoy it together. Here’s a quick list of some of the benefits!

Helps in expressing motions:  Most of the times the song we decide to sing is emotionally attached to us. We try our best to convey the message in the song to the audience. This is how karaoke helps you to express your emotions, you sing along with the music with all your feelings and emotions. Communication is very important for anyone’s life; it allows you to express your feelings. Karaoke connects you with the audience and conveys your emotions.

Relieves stress: One of the greatest benefits to singing karaoke is the amount of stress it releases. Since singing usually makes people happy, the level of stress in your body is automatically decreased. At the same time, endorphins are released and they help reduce both anxiety and stress. Singing along to a tune you love will also slow your heart rate and let you breath properly.

Improves your memory: Singing along to a song requires you to use the memory part of your brain. Even though the lyrics may be in front of you, you will automatically access the memories you have in your brain about the song. The other parts of the brain that are stimulated from singing are the learning and concentration part. All of them help with your memory.

Builds confidence: Look, we’ve all probably been shy at some point in our lives. If you still are, Karaoke is one of the best activities out there you can do to break that shy streak. Let’s face it, we all want to be more confident in some way or another. There’s social confidence and confidence in our abilities. Participating in Karaoke is a huge step in adding massive points to both of them (if the ability you choose is singing.) You don’t know it yet, but having the ability to sing in front of friends and strangers is going to help you out later down the road. It could be interviewing for a job, giving a wedding speech, or even teaching your kids to be tough. So next time your friends invite you to Karaoke with them, say yes. You won’t regret it, I promise! (if you do, that’s on you, not me)

Lowers blood pressure: According to Harvard Medical School, singing two songs is enough to decrease a person’s blood pressure significantly.  Combined with the fact that singing is helpful for stress relief, the act of producing music or singing has significant therapeutic effects on treating even preoperative hypertension patients who were unresponsive to aggressive pharmacologic interventions.  

What’s most interesting is that singing can very quickly bring down blood pressure, and the effect can stay for several hours even after the singing stops.  That said, if you have family members or friends with high blood pressure, make sure to organise regular home karaoke sessions for them.  You’ll not only make their hearts feel lighter, but their blood pressure will settle down faster too. 

Therapy for stroke patient: People who suffered from a stroke often had difficulty speaking. Using standard speech therapy could, however, be taught to adapt and allow them to get back their speaking ability. Today, doctors have found a great way to retrain the brain of stroke victims through singing. Following the discovery of melodic intonation therapy for stroke victims, many speech therapists have started experimenting with singing and music therapy, specifically, karaoke therapy, to help patients with speech impediments.

Stimulates the brain: When singing, you need to follow the lyrics, rhythm, and melody. It means a person really needs to think and use their brain. And when you sing a lot, the air will flow to your brain in the activity of neurons that can integrate physical, emotional and psychological to feel excitement.

Burn calories: It may not be as big amount as running or going to the gym, but yes, singing can burn a number of calories that can be comparable to calories burned from walking, yoga or light house chores. According to, calories burned depend on the weight of the person, as well as the body's position and other activities.

There are various ways that you can enjoy the fun of karaoke, ofc, it is more fun when you are in a group of people. Ideally, karaoke can be enjoyed with anyone, with your family, your friends, lover or even going alone! While you can be a little more competitive and set up rules to win if you are in a group of friends, but you can also enjoy a duet and some romantic time if you’re with your partner. Dance to a song or sing along with your friends and family, these are a fun way to create unforgettable memories to look back on!If you are a little bit shy, you can even go alone and sing your heart out to your favourite songs! No rules or judgements, you are free to choose whatever songs you would like. Enjoy your own company while relieving stress at the same time!

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How to pick the right microphone

One of the best things about adult singing lessons is that your voice is already your instrument. You don’t need to purchase any expensive gear to start making music! However, you may be at a point in your singing career where you are ready to record yourself. This could be for your original songs, collaborations or simply to track demos and have high-quality recordings of your singing. We have the best advice for beginners on how to choose a microphone for singing!

When it comes to buying a microphone, you want to be sure that whatever you purchase does justice to your voice and brings your talent to the fore. The key to picking the right microphone is not just choosing the microphone that is the right price, but rather searching for the microphone that is right for your voice.

Two of the most common types of microphones include dynamic and condenser. Dynamic mics tend to be more directional, robust and are often used in live applications. Condenser mics, on the other hand, are much more sensitive, able to pick up delicate intricacies in our voice and are great for studio application. Of course, you can use both for recording at home, so consider your budget and whether you need a mic that performs well both onstage and in the studio.

Some top singers use relatively inexpensive dynamic mics such as the iconic Shure SM58, rather than condenser models, because the dynamic mic gives them a warmer, thicker sound and tends to wear better over time. On the other hand, a breathy, delicate voice can benefit from the detailed high end of a condenser mic. You will want to make sure you use a Cardioid or Hypercardioid microphone to keep out unwanted sounds and reduce feedback.

Dynamic microphone: These vocal mics are made with an inductive coil that is connected to the diaphragm, which moves to move the coil. The movement of the coil in a dynamic microphone is converted into an electric signal, which is then recorded. This movement is caused by the sound waves produced when you talk or sing. Dynamic mics are the kind of microphones you interact with every day as they are mostly used by stage performers and work well in noisy environments. A dynamic microphone is a passive device and doesn’t require an external power supply.

Condenser microphone: Condenser microphones work a bit different from dynamic ones as they use capacitor plates instead of the inductive coil. A condenser mic is more sensitive to even the smallest vibrations and produce distorted sound in noisy environments. A condenser microphone is best used in recording studios and mostly preferred by public speakers and professional singers. Condenser microphones have active electronics within them that require a +48Volt phantom power supply for them to work. This can be supplied from most mixing consoles or from an external power unit. Condenser mics are also used for acoustic instruments such as guitars, flute, violin etc.

There are many reasons why a vocalist should go for a wireless mic. If you’re performing on a stage and you need to move from one point to another, you won’t be restricted by the length of the cord. You can move as you wish, turn in any direction, or dance if you have to. As long as you ensure the power source of your mic is reliable, you won’t have anything barring you from performing your all on stage.

Even the lowest quality microphones do not come cheap. If you’re done your research on vocal microphones, you must agree that they don’t come cheap. This means you should take good care of your investment. It doesn’t matter how much time you’re going to spend doing your research; you should not leave any stone untouched when it comes to finding the best microphone for your vocal recording and singing needs. Look for online reviews, ask around, and go through different testimonials from previous users. You need all these to make an informed decision about buying the best microphone.

How to plan a karaoke party at home? - 0 Comments
How to plan a karaoke party at home?
Family Karaoke makes everyone happy. You get to know your family even more. Everyone understands the depth of relations. Since the world is progressing, everyone is exploring, experiencing, and adapting to the new changes. Let’s step forward to be a source of happiness for others. Do consider the points mentioned above and karaoke songs before planning your family karaoke party.
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